John D. Locatelli


J. D. Locatelli received his B.S. (Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington in 1967.

Employed as a staff member (Meteorologist) by the Cloud Physics Group at the University of Washington from 1967 to June 1976, during which time he carried out research in the CASCADE and CYCLES Projects. Promoted to the research faculty of the Atmospheric Sciences Department in July 1976.

Main research interests are in cloud and precipitation processes and mesometeorology. Involved in the development and utilization of an 8 mm wavelength Doppler radar. Involved in the planning, conducting and analysis of the CASCADE field project (1968-1972), the CYCLES field project (1972-1982), the GALE field project (1986), and the STORM-FEST field project (1992). Worked closely with graduate students analyzing mesoscale data. Served on the supervisory committee of two students who received M.S degrees and a student who received a Ph.D. degree. Is serving on the supervisory committee of a Ph.D. degree student, and supervising a M.S. graduate student.

Author of over 55 papers published in scientific journals, 16 papers in conference reports, and 6 research reports.

Presented synoptic map discussions in Atmospheric Science's classes at the University of Washington, and for several quarters lectured on radar meteorology in a Meteorological Instruments course.

He is lead scientist for the Cloud and Aerosol Research Group's Mesoscale Sub-group.