Measurements on Smoke-Cloud Interactions

UW Flight no. Date (1995) Period of Measurements (hhmm UTC) Location Type of fire Type of cloud Comments
1692 24 Aug 1723 - 1758 ~100mi N of Cuiaba See Hobbs' Roll #1 photos #19-24 and Roll #2 photos #1-3 for shots of smoke and Cu. Cumulus Measurements above, in, and below cloud.
1695 28 Aug 1717 - 1735
1902 - 1928
N of Cuiaba Flaming combustion of grass and shrub Cumulus Two smoke-cloud interaction studies
1701 6 Sep 1450 - 1541 NE of Porto Velho Small fires (no large fires with flames) Cumulus Obtained measurements below cloud base, in-cloud, and near cloud top
1702 6 Sep 1845 - 2021 NE of Porto Velho Regional haze Cumulus Flight devoted to smoke-cloud interactions. Measurements below cloud base and in cloud.
1703 7 Sep 1547 - 1814 SE of Porto Velho Slash burning of downed trees Cumulus, alto-cumulus, cumulus-fractus In-cloud measurements at various levels and above and below clouds
1704 11 Sep 1430 - 1522 SE of Porto Velho Slash burn on edge of forest Cumulus Measurements in cloud and on smoke coming out of cloud. Good measurements on plume itself. A few measurements in other Cu at end of flight.
1705 12 Sep 1742 - 2001 SE of Porto Velho (1) Slash burn of dead trees (white smoke).
(2) Black smoke from fresh grass fire.
Cumulus (1) Sampled smoke entering Cu, sampled Cu up to 13,000 ft and smoke in outflow.
(2) Sampled Cu cloud produced by fire.
1706 13 Sep 1650 - 1723 NE of Porto Velho Flaming slash burn at edge of forest. (See Hobbs' Roll 6 photos #1 and 2.) Cumulus Samples of smoke entering cloud, in cloud, and coming out of cloud. Went through a few Cu later in flight (maybe warm rain event).

1710 16 Sep 1410 - 1532 ~100mi S of Maraba Smoldering combustion of primary forest and undergrowth. (See Hobbs' Roll 6 photo #4.) Stratocumulus and cumulus On first plume (for which emission factors were obtained) traced smoke to cloud base, cycles through cloud to cloud top, back down again. CCN sample below cloud base (in smoke?). Sampled more clouds on return to Maraba.
1711 16 Sep 1845 - 1918
1930 - 2040
NE of Maraba (1) Pasture burning, some flames.
(2) Flaming combustion of trees and undergrowth.
Cumulus humilis and cumulus congestus (1) Good chemical and physical measurements of smoke plume followed by cloud samples.
(2) Extensive sampling of smoke below cloud base. Found smoke exiting cloud on 2nd try (lidar profile of plume). Probably best data set on smoke-cloud interactions to date. (See Hobbs' Roll 6, photos #9-14 for smoke and cumulus clouds.) Good optical, humidigraph, and A3 measurements in smoke.
1712 17 Sept 1404 - 1604
1622 - 1638
1639 - 1652
E of Maraba (1) Regional smoke
(2) Flaming combustion of brush and palm trees
(3) Flaming combustion of grass fire
Cumulus (1) Filters, etc. above cloud top, at cloud level, and between and below clouds, in regional smoke collected cloud water sample). Later in flight got sample of smoke exiting cloud.
(2) Good samples in cloud and below cloud base.
(3) Following measurements in smoke plume, got measurements ~1000ft above cloud base. (SO2 removed by cloud.)
1713 17 Sep 1852 - 2016
2036 - 2057
East of Maraba Flaming combustion of pasture (?) moving into brush Cumulus complex Emission factors of smoke followed by sampling of cloud and air detrained by cloud at various levels. Humidigraph samples in and out of cloud. Signal on A3 for cloud samples. Smoke sampled aloft was not there in morning flight; therefore, it was probably "pumped" there by Cu during the day.
1714 18 Sep 1201 - 1340 Transit from Maraba to Porto Nactional Regional smoke (pumped up by clouds on Sep 17?) Cumulus Some cloud measurements plus filters, CCN, DMPS and humidigraphs.
1716 20 Sep 1742 - 1836
1909 - 1918
NW of Brasilia Cerrado, with some flames Cumulus Sampled smoke below cloud, just above cloud base, and near middle of cloud. Further measurements in a new cloud produced by same fire. Later sampled Cu not directly affected by any one plume but by ambient smoke.

Doug Burks
Last changed: 12 Apr 1996